Compiling of information by conducting surveys is an essential tool to understand feedback from the market.  This is conducted through observation, sketching, measurement and interviews, in different formats.

For any business to flourish, it is very important to understand the market expectations.  Market expectations change from time to time.  Hence, it is very important to understand the latest and current market requirement.  Survey is the best means of accumulating this data.  It helps in collecting and comprehending information to resolve a problem under investigation or in general comprehending the feedback of a business.

MDS carries out a stringent selection process to recruit associates who are capable of conducting professional surveys. 

Surveys can be carried out in different formats.  MDS offers the following types of surveys;

  • Field Surveys (CAPI)
  • Phone Surveys (CATI)
  • SMS Surveys
  • Email Surveys
  • Online Surveys