Businesses want to measure the satisfaction of their customers.  Mystery shopping measures quality of service, evaluates compliance with regulations and workforce development objectives and gathers specific information about products and services.  Mystery Delegates Services is a division of HOSTEC that provides Mystery Shopping to all types of Industries, thus providing a clear insight into customer reactions and insight into betterment of service.

Statistics have shown that as much as 90% of customers who have a not so pleasant experience will not report directly.  They would rather default to competitors without any hesitation.  Some of the remaining 10% would probably relay only partial displeasure and keep looking for a better experience elsewhere.

Repeat business is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a thriving business and this certainly evolves from satisfied customers.  Hence, a constant study of customer satisfaction is essential to a successful business.  Besides a happy customer, Companies find it necessary to evaluate employee integrity, atmosphere of customer service area and product quality that will ensure a healthy bottom-line.  The aggregate data from the mystery shopping program can be used to;

  • Identify, amend and improve operational policies
  • Modify and improve workforce training programs
  • Enhance the goal congruence between Management’s expectations and actual results
  • Achieve higher ROI

MDS has developed a team of associates who are professionals at various service industries in important managerial positions.  They are highly trained individuals who have the ability to discreetly experience the product or service offered. They utilize their knowledge to evaluate their experience in identifying all violations to the standards of the organization.  This kind of unbiased information provided by our delegates will help the management to identify the strengths and weaknesses in their product and service.

MDS has the ability to provide in-depth analysis based on the reports generated online.  The client will have secured exclusive access to a web dashboard for reviewing the findings.  In case of multiple branches/divisions, the dashboard will produce comparative results between all the divisions, along with the trend from all previous periods.  MDS also has the capability to design the web dashboard to reflect their logo and color scheme.