Shelf placement of Liquor and Tobacco has a tremendous impact on consumer buying behavior. Products that are at eye level receive more consideration than those on lower shelves. Brands that have multiple SKUs and facings often have the benefit of a billboard effect when placed next to one another on the shelf. Its also important to understand the impact that mega-brands have on shelf real estate. Their likely close relationships with retailers often allows them to lock up premium placement, even for their smaller brands.

Shelf audit is a method by which you can ensure monitoring on price changes, stock outages, delisting, product development, and more.  Manufacturers want to be able to win customers in the aisle, but several factors contribute to making this difficult. 

Beyond the obvious fact gathering, conducting regular shelf audits provides you with the added benefit of understanding just how many things a prospective customer must evaluate before making an actual purchase.

MDS provides periodic audits and report the results in a secure web-based format, which can be reviewed on a store level, or at an overall company level, where each store can be rated against each other over a certain period, or compare to previous periods.