Mystery Delegates Services is a division of HOSTEC providing a number of services, one of which relates to a crucial element of all Service Industries.  Integrity audit, also known as Employee Honesty Test or Employee Fidelity Test in several organizations.

Based on a joint study conducted on US businesses in April 2017, by several renowned Statisticians like “Association of Certified Fraud Examiners”, “Easy Small Business HR”, “Institute of Corporate Productivity” and “Jack L. Hayes International, Inc.”, 33% of all business bankruptcies were caused primarily by employee theft.  The studies also say that based on the demographics, 59.1% of them were carried out by men and 40.9% of them by women.

Integrity audit is a tried and tested method used to discreetly collect sensitive information that helps organizations to draw conclusions on the honesty or dishonesty of their employees.  This will also prove to be a tool to plan preventive measures on future instances, thus effectively improve the bottom line profits.

MDS has developed a team of associates who are professionals at various service industries in important managerial positions.  They are highly trained individuals who can conduct the audits discreetly and perform cash transactions that are designed to detect dishonesty.  They have the knowledge and experience to track a cash transaction to identify all violations to the policy and procedures of the organization.  Rest assured, the information provided by the mystery delegates who conduct the audit will be totally unbiased.  The detailed reports provided by the delegates will help the management to identify the critical weaknesses in the operation and thereby amend the internal procedures.

MDS has the ability to provide in-depth analysis based on the reports generated online.  The client will have secured exclusive access to a web dashboard for reviewing the findings.  In case of multiple branches/divisions, the dashboard will produce comparative results between all the divisions, along with the trend from all previous periods of audit.  MDS also has the capability to design the web dashboard to reflect their logo and color scheme.